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Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide full support for all our products. You can feel very sure about this. We always try to make sure that our client get the best out of our scripts. And if we get any opportunity to contribute to it, we consider it our pleasure. You can get support via e-mails and also our online integrated ticket system in the support section.

Do you provide free installation ?

Yes, We offer free and complete installation service for every script purchased from b-scripts. You can request for free installation service in support section.

When do I get my order?

You will get the script within seconds of your payment. Our system is completely automated and you'll receive download link to the product in e-mail instantaneously after purchasing is done . You can also download the script from account profile section after logging in if you register as a customer during check out.

What are the system requirements for your php scripts?

Our scripts run on both PHP 4 and PHP 5 (normal installation). Other requirements include MySQL. Apache mod_rewrite support is required for scripts that include iURL rewriting option.Almost all web hosts support these features. You can check this with your web host as well.

Why am I not receiving any confirmation mail after product purchase ?

If you purchased our products don't see the confirming/download e-mail we send you check your 'spam folder' or 'junk folder' for any messages from  Depending on the filter you are using, you  may be able to designate our e-mail as 'not spam' so that they will arrive in your normal mailbox as requested.You can also download the product from User Page after logging in to your account 

We accept paypal and all types of credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright Removal License

Why remove copyright info?

People have different reasons why they want to remove the copyright information. Perhaps you don't want your visitors to know you use a software powered by, Perhaps the back links to our websites bothers you for some other reasons?

We don't have a problem with removing copyright information from the bottom of our script as long as you purchase a Copyright Removal License.

What will be removed?

The only thing that can/will be removed is the copyright information at the bottom of web pages . All the copyright information in headers from within the source code itself will and must remain intact.

Can I remove copyright info myself?

Yes, after purchasing a Copyright Removal License, you may remove the copyright information yourself but it's not recommended to remove the copyright information yourself unless some one from support team asks you to do so.

Instead we recommended you to install a special license file that you'll be invited to download after your purchase. 

Can I purchase this license and still link to you?

Of course. You may purchase the Copyright Removal License and just modify (shorten) the copyright information even leave it intact.

How can I pay?

We accept paypal and all types of credit cards.